Below are other web sites which are listed only because some may be of potential interest. We do not follow the practice of exchanging links.  Although some are excellent sources of information, we cannot make any recommendations. These are supplied as a service to those who may be interested - we have no commercial relations with any of them.


Forextraders features online Forex trading commentary, articles on Forex trading, Forex charts, tools and in-depth reviews of regulated online forex brokers

A hard to beat source of information for precious metals, including 24 hour quotes. 



A Trading Exchange for Prediction Markets. Trade Event Futures on Political, Current, Financial, Weather & Unique Events.


Offering free stock charts, just put in the symbol.  Also offers enhanced membership services.


Commitment of Traders Home Page

This is a U.S. Government site which includes the latest Commitment of Traders reports issued every Friday afternoon by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for future contracts traded in the U.S.



This is an excellent source of information about the gold market including daily and weekly commentary from industry related sources.  



This is an excellent international site for getting intra-day charts on stocks, as well as gold and silver.  There is a lot of good information on gold and silver as well.  This site is interesting to everyone, but includes information of special interest to AUSTRALIAN visitors.


Commodity Research Bureau:

 Since 1934, the Commodity Research Bureau has been globally recognized as the preeminent source of commodity and futures market information. Delivered in your choice of format: print, electronic or on-line.


New York Mercantile Exchange

This is the official web site of the Exchange where Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil and other commodities are traded.  Lots of useful information including end of day settlement price quotes, contract specifications, etc. 


Chicago Mercantile Exchange

This is the official web site of the Exchange where U.S. Currency trading takes place as well as lots of other commodities.  Lots of useful information including delayed futures and after hours Globex quotes, end of day settlement price quotes, contract specifications, etc. 


Chicago Board Options Exchange

This is the premier, authoritative and complete source for information on options.  Everything you need  to know about options is here  If you are new to options and want to know more, this is the place to go.  If you are already knowledgeable about options you will be surprised at how much information is on this site.  


Between the Hedges

One of the most interesting financial web sites with lots of useful information, including stock and commodity prices and quotes on wagers on various political and other events.




Exceptionally versatile, comprehensive and user-friendly stock screening, with specific, precise technical and financial analysis filters. The resulting lists are sortable in a large variety of modes for further practicality. The chart graphics are clean, information-full, quickly scrolled, and a pleasure to use.



An interesting and informative source for our visitors from the Netherlands.  Lots of Technical Analysis sources. 


ChartFilter is a free technical analysis education site.   ChartFilter's free Newsletter takes popular technical indicators against  historical stocks and walks the investor through the analysis.