"The most practical tool are CHARTS that show the price changes of individual stocks as well as the action of the market as a whole. Chartists are powers in the Street; on what their charts show, institutions, mutual funds and thousands of individual investors buy and sell."  Time Magazine, 1962

The movement of the markets is caused by the position of traders as much or more than by any other factor.



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Here are up to date Market Forecasts based on technical Indicators on the Stock Market, Gold Market, Silver Market, Currency Markets including the Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen.

Technical Indicators.com is updated nightly, Monday through Thursday nights (holidays excepted) and updated for the week on Weekends.

A Technical Forecast backed by facts and figures is included on the "Technical Forecast and Summary" pages.

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Please note our analysis may be negative if the indicators are so.   Money can be made from declining markets and we definitely believe in shorting a market when appropriate.  Please remember that technical indicators follow the trend of the markets but can reverse themselves if the market does.

We do our best to furnish unbiased and honest views of the markets.

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